Renovating the effectiveness of investment and trade promotion in Can Tho


(Saigon Times Online) – In an interview with Saigon Times Online after a year of promoting investment and trade promotion for Can Tho, Nguyen Thi Kieu Duyen, Director of Can Tho Promotion Agency (CPA), emphasized that in 2022 CPA has done four main things.

Saigon Times Online: If you need to “close” the CPA’s full year 2022 performance, how can you generalize it?

– Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kieu Duyen: This year, Can Tho city implements the theme of safe and flexible adaptation in 2022 for socio-economic recovery and development. With CPA, so far, it is possible to “close” some of the results as follows:

Firstly, CPA has effectively renovated the investment and trade promotion in terms of both content and method of implementation. In particular, the new point is the application of digital transformation in all fields. Therefore, CPA has supported enterprises to connect online more than 20 supply and demand programs with foreign markets and more than 30 fairs and workshops in the country.

Secondly, CPA promotes investment promotion on the spot, through enterprises to mobilize businesses and plans to organize direct contact with potential investors by each field and investors. Specifically, the CPA has coordinated with relevant departments and agencies, strongly shifting to the form of investment mobilization according to projects and key partners; develop separate plans and mechanisms to approach and mobilize large companies and corporations with financial and high technology capabilities to promote key projects.

Thirdly, CPA has strengthened investment and trade promotion programs and activities with regional and sectoral linkages, linking investment promotion with trade promotion.

Fourth, some infrastructure items of CPA are continuing to be upgraded and repaired, contributing a part to the activities of the whole year 2022.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kieu Duyen (seated row) at the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between CPA and Ingrid International (Singapore) Co., Ltd. on October 13, 2022. Photo: Anh Tho

Saigon Times Online: Can you tell more about the results of investment promotion?

– This field has a lot of content. With the research and evaluation of potential, markets, trends, investment partners, we have coordinated with relevant departments and agencies to evaluate many projects and make a database for investment promotion. Subsequently, research information related to policies and areas is focusing on inviting investment of Can Tho city to provide to investors such as Total Care Value Company, Total Vietnam AJ Cold Storage Company, Xiamen Middle Yellow Industry Trade & Co., Ltd. (China).

In building images, promoting the environment, policies, opportunities and investment connections, we have coordinated with the Ministry of Transport to hold a conference to discuss promoting the development of waterway transport, serving import and export goods in the Mekong Delta region (the Mekong Delta) and jointly organize a seminar to introduce the investment environment in the Southern region of Vietnam.

CPA has also attended many online and face-to-face events related to attracting investment in Can Tho in many fields such as industry; Southeast Asia – South Asia – Pacific market; Vietnam – Middle East – Africa relations; economic diplomacy; India – Vietnam business forum; Japanese business investment trends; investment planning and promotion in the Mekong Delta region…

We also coordinated the organization of the provincial competitiveness index review conference in 2021 of Can Tho city and the dialogue between the city government and business.

A corner of Vietnam International Agriculture Fair 2022 organized by CPA.

Photo: Huynh Kim

Saigon Times Online: Particularly the domestic and international cooperation on investment promotion this year, how is CPA combined?

– There are many activities in this year. From October 9 to 15, 2022, organizing trade promotion and investment cooperation delegations in Malaysia and Singapore. Can Tho has signed 4 memoranda of understanding with partners in Malaysia and Singapore, as a premise to invite investment and connect trade.

By November, during a business trip to promote investment cooperation in Japan, CPA successfully organized an investment promotion conference in Japan, attracting the participation of more than 70 enterprises and investment and trade organizations; introducing the potential, advantages, investment opportunities, policies and orientations to attract investment of Can Tho city; inviting Japanese enterprises to invest in the city in areas such as auxiliary industry, processing technology, manufacturing, logistics, environment.

Most recently, in December, the CPA coordinated the organization of many events, such as the Vietnam – Cambodia trade – investment cooperation conference in Can Tho city; investment promotion conference, connecting trade with Indonesia in the chain of Indonesian Day events in Can Tho.

In addition, the CPA also implemented activities of the Japanese working group such as providing information to Japanese enterprises and investors on the investment environment in Can Tho; working with Japanese partners and enterprises in Hanoi; along with departments and agencies to send many domestic and foreign investors to the field to survey investment projects.

In addition to connecting with many domestic businesses, CPA also works with many diplomatic missions and associations from Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, the European Union, Korea, Belgium, the Netherlands…

Saigon Times Online: CPA’s domestic market trade promotion seems to be more exciting than that of foreign markets?

– It is thanks to the effective prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic in the country. CPA organized Can Tho business delegation to participate in many events such as the International Fair of Trade, Tourism and Investment of the East-West Economic Corridor – Da Nang 2022; Vietnam Food Industry International Exhibition; Vietnam Regional Specialties Fair 2022; Vietnam – Korea Cultural Day; Dong Thap OCOP Product Forum and Mekong Delta Provinces in 2022; Mekong Connect Forum in 2022…

Especially, after a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 epidemic, this year CPA organized the Vietnam International Agricultural Fair (from December 2 to December 6) with 250 booths of 100 domestic and foreign enterprises participating. The fair has attracted more than 100,000 visitors; about 20 billion in sales. In addition, nearly 70 contracts were signed on agricultural machinery, equipment and production lines, agricultural supplies, pesticides, fertilizers, processed agricultural products, consumer goods and retail.

Saigon Times Online: How do you evaluate information and communication in these activities?

– This is an important content that creates the effectiveness of investment promotion and trade activities of CPA. In particular, there is the application of information technology, especially digital transformation in all fields such as communication, promotion and promotion.

In addition to designing and printing many types of documents and publications for the promotion of Can Tho in Vietnamese, English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, CPA has been managed by own software; updating information on the CPA portal (; implementing digital maps of projects to attract investment in Can Tho.

CPA also cooperates with media agencies and radio stations; connecting information on social networking sites, websites of Can Tho and many other localities.

Saigon Times Online: Besides the achievements, there still seem to be some difficulties affecting the operation of CPA?

– CPA doesn’t have income from service activities to have regular operating expenses and increase income, improve living standards for officials and employees because it takes one year to hand over the premises to the city used as a field hospital to fight against Covid-19.

Funding for investment and trade promotion activities of Can Tho is still modest, so promotion activities are not rich and intensive.

Saigon Times Online: So what does the CPA Director suggest to the Can Tho City People’s Committee for the new year 2023 to operate more effectively?

– CPA expects the city to soon approve the list of public careers in the field of investment promotion and trade.

At the same time, consider and grant more funds for investment and trade promotion activities, especially export trade promotion. The reason is that the current funding for these activities in Can Tho city, stills modest compared to other provinces in the region./.

Gia Nguyên