Expanding the export market of Vietnamese goods


In the context that the global supply chain is facing many difficulties, directly affecting the export activities of enterprises, Ho Chi Minh City has paid more attention to the overseas Vietnamese community, considering this an important resource and an advantage to help develop distribution channels and export Vietnamese goods to the world.

Fruit – coffee products of the Meet More brand (Ho Chi Minh City) are sold at some major supermarket chains in the USA and Australia. (CTV photo)According to experts and overseas businessmen, consumers in developed countries are increasingly demanding higher quality goods. Therefore, the competition in the consumer goods market in other countries is also more and more fierce. Therefore, in addition to ensuring quality according to international standards as well as local standards, Vietnamese goods manufacturing enterprises need to change their products towards compact packaging, delicate; environment-friendly, fully record product information in two languages… in order to reduce costs, improve competitiveness as well as avoid increasing trade defense lawsuits.

Dynamic, changing mindset

Professor, PhD. Nguyen Dinh Phu, Chairman of the Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Association in the US (VENUSA) said: The economic potential of the Vietnamese and Asian communities in the US is growing stronger. The number of Vietnamese enterprises ranks third in the number of Asian enterprises (after Chinese and Indian enterprises), with more than 310 thousand business establishments, generating revenue of about 35 billion USD/year. Currently, the US has more than two million people of Vietnamese origin, with an average income of 60,000 USD/household/year; consumption is about 57 billion USD/year, or 27,000 USD/person/year.

Vietnamese people in the US are also passionate about social networks and spend a lot of time connecting and finding information on famous social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram… According to the Professor, PhD. Nguyen Dinh Phu, Vietnamese enterprises need to take advantage of existing trade promotion and market bridging activities. In which, actively participate in business connection activities, trade promotion in the US; develop specialized market research projects for products and target market groups in different regions of the US.

In addition, it is necessary to promote innovation and research on distribution channels, product promotion through the application of information technology. It is necessary to carefully study the US legal regulations to avoid becoming the target of applying trade remedies; improve product quality, design, especially intermediate raw materials for high-tech production in California. Strengthen cooperation with key state, county and city governments, strengthen connections with industry associations…

Vice Chairman of the Association of Overseas Vietnamese Entrepreneurs, Vice Chairman of the Association of Foreign Investment Enterprises (VAFIE) Nguyen Ngoc My (Australian overseas Vietnamese) also pledged to soon set up product display spaces for Vietnamese enterprises in some major cities in Australia; deploying monthly “Business and Golf Tour” trips for entrepreneurs and investors to connect Vietnamese businesses to participate in the market, explore investment opportunities, study abroad for their children and interact with businesses. personnel in Australia.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pacific Foods Joint Stock Company Le Ba Linh (Thai overseas Vietnamese) said that: It is necessary to promote the export of goods through e-commerce channels by putting Vietnamese products on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba… so that overseas Vietnamese have the opportunity to approach and shopping. At the same time, strengthen the work of information, propaganda of new-generation free trade agreements (FTA) to help businesses meet technical barriers; take advantage, enjoy the incentives,  opportunities of countries participating in FTA…

According to President of the Provisional Vietnamese Business Association in China, Phan Thi Tra My, Vietnamese businesses need to protect their trademarks before going abroad. Especially, Vietnamese businesses need to change their thinking, so they should invest in producing products that the market needs. New businesses must always take advantage of all opportunities, relationships, communication channels to promote, introduce products; employs a lot of local staff…

Many solutions to support businesses

Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Investment and Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Tran Phu Lu said: ITPC will further improve the efficiency of coordination with unions, business associations, experts, intellectuals of overseas Vietnamese in the work of mobilizing overseas Vietnamese entrepreneurs and businesses to act as focal points for direct import of Vietnamese goods or as agents, representatives of Vietnamese goods abroad, support space to display, introduce Vietnamese products -goods; mobilize overseas Vietnamese experts, intellectuals, businessmen to support the transfer of advanced scientific, technological achievements to apply to production, business and corporate governance activities, helping businesses in Ho Chi Minh City improves production, business, product quality, competitiveness…

Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee Phan Thi Thang affirmed: the overseas Vietnamese community in general, overseas Vietnamese businessmen in particular are a great resource for promoting the work of bringing Vietnamese goods to the world. To take advantage of that advantage, the domestic business community, overseas Vietnamese businesses need to focus on solutions to diversify, expand the form, scale of trade promotion activities, connect business-to-business, business-to-consumer abroad.

At the same time, forming strategic links between distribution enterprises; between distribution and production, in order to contribute to strengthening internal links, linking the Vietnamese business community in the country, abroad to form and develop supply chains, distribute valuable goods, stable, sustainable and increasingly expanding consumption markets. Comrade Phan Thi Thang also asked the Committee on Overseas Vietnamese in the city to coordinate with overseas Vietnamese associations to promote the role of each overseas Vietnamese as an ambassador of Vietnamese goods in the host country; while connecting and propagating for overseas Vietnamese communities to give priority to using Vietnamese goods; while connecting and promoting trade promotion activities, widely promoting Vietnamese goods to international friends.

Deputy Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee, Nguyen Ho Hai suggested that departments, branches need to study and proactively implement the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Vietnam’s management agencies and the distribution system of Vietnam expatriates abroad. Thereby, supporting businesses to promote the development of distribution channels of Vietnamese goods abroad. The Committee on Overseas Vietnamese in the city continues to be proactive, making efforts to coordinate with relevant units, business associations, overseas Vietnamese businesses to support Vietnamese businesses in capturing information and opportunities to export goods to countries and regions where many overseas Vietnamese live.

Hoang Liem

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