Opening up the flow of Vietnamese rice grains


On June 22, in Can Tho City, the rhythm of business life (Labour and Trade Union Magazine) in collaboration with Can Tho Promotion Agency (CPA) held a seminar on “Opening up the flow of goods and services”. The seminar had the participation of speakers from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Mekong Delta Rice Institute, enterprises in the rice industry from production, processing to export.

Speakers exchange at the Conference. Photo: N.HAfter the opening session, there were 2 discussion sessions with the topic: Sustainable rice production, increasing profits for farmers and solutions to remove bottlenecks in the rice supply chain and increase value for the grain Vietnamese rice. At the discussion sessions, speakers, guests exchanged, discussed, identified bottlenecks in the production, processing and export of rice. At the same time, looking for solutions to solve, actively linking, sharing experiences so that Vietnam’s rice grain is raised, valued in the international market, farmers feel secure in their fields, the rice industry develops towards sustainability.

Vietnam is known as a rice exporting power with an export output of about 6.3 million tons of rice per year. Vietnamese rice has been present in over 150 countries and territories. According to the Department of Crop Production (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), in the winter-spring rice crop 2021-2022 in the Mekong Delta, aromatic and specialty rice varieties account for 33.29%, high-quality rice accounts for 49.64%, and high-quality rice. accounted for 7.12% on average… Thereby, the structure of rice varieties has shifted from the group of medium quality varieties to the group of fragrant, specialty rice to meet export demand. However, the competitiveness of Vietnamese rice brands is still not high and it is not convenient to enter the high-end market to sell at high prices. Besides, Vietnam’s rice grain is facing many difficulties when food protectionism and inflation increase in all economies… According to experts, the problem for the rice industry is the need clearing up the “bottlenecks” such as rice varieties, food safety, logistics, cost of input production materials and technology, capital for production and export…


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