Seminar “Which market for folk cakes?”


On the morning of April 16, at the Can Tho Promotion Agency’s hall held the seminar “Which market for folk cakes?”. In order to contribute to finding solutions to preserve and expand the market for Southern folk cakes. This event is within the framework of the Southern Folk Cake Festival 2019, organized by Can Tho Promotion Agency (CPA) and Saigon Economic Times Group (Saigon Times Group). ) jointly organized.

Speaking at the opening of the seminar, Mr. Tran Minh Hung – Editor of Saigon Economic Times, said in the past four days, there have been hundreds of thousands of visitors coming to Can Tho to experience the culinary culture of Southern lands, specially is Folk Cakes. This proves that nearly 100 bakery products of people of four ethnic groups of Kinh, Hoa, Khmer and Cham are still favored by many people.

However, due to the characteristics of many folk cakes related to fresh materials, manual processing, no preservatives, temporary packaging, etc., the consumption of these unique products is largely narrowed in small and short-term markets, like “…” or participating in festivals like this Festival, but not much in the supermarket or export system.

“In order to contribute to expanding the market for prestigious folk bakery products in the South in particular and the country in general, thereby contributing to preserving traditional craft and raising income for folk cake makers, talks “Which market for folk cakes” opens, attracting consultants, managers, baking artists, businesses, representatives of the tourism industry, teachers, students as well as The journalists were present and exchanged this morning, ”Tran Minh Hung emphasized the meaning in seminar.

According to Doan Huu Duc, folk cakes crept from the countryside to every urban area have entered the memories of many generations of Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City and the western provinces. Folk cakes are part of Vietnamese street food, which is the destination of tourist tours, in addition to landscapes and cultural works. However, in fact, the Southern folk cakes get into the broader market or specifically to get into a 5-star hotel, the current supermarket system is facing many obstacles.

Ms. Hanh said the delicious cake originated from powdered ingredients. Sa Dec is a land that is endowed with a geographical position between the Tien and Hau rivers in the Mekong Delta. This river water when combined with the rice grain of the Mekong Delta has created Sa Dec powder white, smooth and fragrant. Sa Dec powder village has been formed and developed for over 100 years because of the people suffering from injury and hard work, there are families who have gone through 3-4 jobs life.

Mr.Vu Thong Nhat made the remark, the uniqueness of Southern folk cakes comes from abundant, “private” and “monopoly” raw materials that are exploited on the spot of the Mekong Delta, making Southern cake plate has its own nuances, its own sweet taste.

After the comments and suggestions, the discussion was enthusiastic for the story of expanding the market for folk cake products in particular and in general, Mr. Nguyen Minh Toai – Director of Can Tho Department of Industry and Trade, the closing speech of the Seminar. Mr. Nguyen Minh Toai said, with the activities and topics proposed “Which market for folk cake” shows that there are many desires and barriers that make folk cake difficult to develop further and wider.

The seminar “Which market for folk cake” ended successfully, brought a panoramic view to the goal of expanding for market of the Southern folk cakes, contributing to the preservation of traditional occupations and improving income for the artisan keeps fire for profession.

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