Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. implements research and consultancy activities in Can Tho city


In the framework of the business trip for investment promotion in Japan in June 2018, Can Tho Promotion Agency (CPA) signed a MOU with Nippon Koei Ltd.Co (Japan) agreed to strengthen the partnership and coordination in the field of socio-economic development of Can Tho city.

In order to carry out specific activities within this MOU, CPA cooperated with relevant departments for working with Nippon Koei Company to discuss issues related to water supply and sewerage, waste water, industrial zones projects, Cardiovascular Hospital Project, Pre-feasibility study of urban railways in Can Tho city.

In the morning of September 27th, 2018, CPA cooperated with Department of Construction for working with Nippon Koei Company on issues of water supply, waste, waste water. Nippon Koei Company has extensive experience in design and consultancy in urban and rural water supply infrastructure, solid waste management in over 20 countries; design drainage and sewerage projects in more than 15 countries, including drains, drainage canals and tunnels, pump stations and water treatment plants. The company is interested in 04 wastewater treatment projects and 01 solid waste treatment project that the city is calling for investment.

The delegates worked with Department of Construction of Can Tho city

In this morning, the delegation had a meeting with Can Tho Export Processing and Industrial Zones Authority (CEPIZA). Both sides exchanged information on industrial zones infrastructure projects. CEPIZA asked Nippon Koei Company to seek secondary investors to invest in these projects. The company informed that they are supporting developing countries to promote sustainable industrial development with projects, such as the development of industrial parks and special economic zones to attract private investors, including Japanese manufacturers.

The delegates worked with CEPIZA

In the afternoon of September 27th, 2018, the representatives of Department of Health, CPA, Can Tho Cardiovascular Hospital worked with Nippon Koei delegates to discuss about the  Can Tho Cardiovascular Hospital project.

At the meeting, Mr. Tran Quoc Luan, Director of Can Tho Cardiovascular Hospital informed about the scale of investment and the progress of this project. Mr Luan said that Can Tho Cardiovascular Hospital project was on the list of priority investment projects under the Government’s Decree No. 103/2018/ND-CP dated August 7th, 2018 providing certain particular policies for investment, finance, budget and delegation of powers tailored for Can Tho city. The project of constructing Can Tho Cardiovascular Hospital have the scale of 200 beds with total estimated cost of 700 billion VND, including construction of facilities and equipments. Regarding funding, it is expected to be loan ODA through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Nippon Koei company surveyed the actual facilities of the hospital and said that  the company would discuss with JICA about this project after this meeting.

The delegates worked with Can Tho Cardiovascular Hospital

After that, Nippon Koei Company had a meeting with Department of Transportation to discuss the project on Pre-feasibility study of urban railways in Can Tho city. According to Le Tien Dung, Deputy Director of the Department of Transport, the objective of this project meets daily travel’s demand on Can Tho’s most important transportation corridors linking to Hau Giang, Soc Trang and An Giang provinces and contributes to the sustainable urbanization, civilization and modernization. The project is invested in the form of hiring domestic and foreign consultants to implement or mobilize technical assistance from donors with estimated investment capital of 15 billion VND. Mr. Dung informed that investors should study the need to invest in building urban railway for the city, analyze the favorable conditions and difficulties when investing in the construction of this project, estimated investment scale of the project in terms of capacity, construction area and items under the project; expected location of construction works and the demand for land use, socio-economic efficiency of the project.

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Tung, Director of CPA (Second from right) and Nippon Koei Company working with Department of Transportation

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