Can Tho to focus more on services sector

Vincom Hung Vuong shopping mall was opened in Can Tho City in July this year. The city will restructure its economy by focusing on services, industry and agriculture – Phôt: Huynh Kim

CAN THO – Can Tho City will attend more to the quality of economic growth and development of the services sector in the restructuring of its economy with services, industry and agriculture on focus.

The economic structure of Can Tho was unveiled by Tran Quoc Trung, deputy secretary of Can Tho City’s Party Committee, when he replied to the Daily’s relevant question at a press conference in the Mekong Delta city on Monday.

Trung said in the past years, the city’s economy has grown on an industry-service-agriculture structure but it is very difficult for the city to attract investments in industrial projects while infrastructure and services cannot meet the demand of big investors.

Currently, industry accounts for 6.75% of the city’s GDP, services for 35% and agriculture for the remainder. However, the focus in the 2015-2020 period is to spur the service sector to support industrial development in the 2020-2025 period.

To achieve the target, Can Tho will boost the development of the trading-service sector and diversify services in this sector, especially in the financial, trading, tourism and value-added services fields, and make the most of the city’s advantages in transport, science and technology, and information and communications.

In addition, the city will diversify retail services, call for investments in large shopping malls and supermarkets in residential and new urban areas.

Regarding a plan to develop Can Tho City into an economic hub of the Mekong Delta, Trung said the city would be a driving force of the entire Mekong Delta region in 2020 as envisaged in Resolution 45 of the Politburo.

So far, Can Tho has become a center of education, healthcare, finance and commerce of the region as the city is home to Can Tho University, Mekong Delta Rice Research Institute, Can Tho Bridge, Can Tho International Airport, Can Tho General Hospital and banks, supermarkets and commercial centers.