CanTho Promotion Agency by Decision No. 2825 / QD-UBND dated September 30, 2015 of People’s Committee of Can Tho City

Organizational Structure:

  1. Board of manager
  2. Office
  3. Trade Promotion & Services Division
  4. Investment Promotion Division
  5. Information – General Affairs Division

– To advise, propose and implement programs to promote investment, trade, tourism and to support small and medium enterprises of Can Tho city.
– To organize and implement programs of propaganda, advertising, referrals and providing information related to the investment, trade, tourism of Can Tho city such as organization, jointly organized, participate in the event, conferences, seminars, forums, fairs, market survey in domestic and abroad;
–  To construct plans to promote product branding, corporate branding, tourism image and city brand to the domestic and foreign markets.
– To receive and implement projects and programs supported by the Central Government, city and domestic and foreign organizations for small and medium enterprises in the city.
–  To organize and coordinate the courses organization about training, guide and fostering knowledge of economic management, business skills, investment, trade operations for organizations and individuals in need;
– To develop international cooperation with the promotion organizations, and domestic and foreign associations to promote investment and trade promotion activities of the city;
– To build and release the documents, propaganda publications to promote prospects, investment, trade opportunities of the city.